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Buena Vista del Rincon a Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Eco Adventure Park

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At Buena Vista Del Rincon, we are committed to sustainability. We strive to protect our environment by practicing sustainable tourism best practices carrying out an efficient use of resources to reduce the carbon footprint. Some of the actions include the production of all the personal care products used in the hotel as well as the cleaning products, we use environmental friendly ingredients, obtaining, as a result, eco-friendly products. We also have an integrated eco-farm where we produce organic vegetables and herbs for our restaurants, we also produce and use organic fertilizers, compost and produce dairy products at out artisan dairy farm (milking parlor). We have a biodigester to produce methane gas by treating the grey waters, this gas production is used to cook and also in the laundry room for drying the hotel's linens.


Provide the visitors a unique and unforgettable experience through innovative policies, proactive and creative management, which is based in a sustainable development with the Community, looking after the socioeconomic benefits of its collaborators and owners.


Be the best mountain lodging and recreation through excellent client service, variety of outdoor activities and high quality standards with environmental responsibility.

Environmental Policies

We have a compromise with the environment and the continuing improvement of its sustainable management, carrying out an efficient use of resources and through the execution and diffusion of actions to reduce the carbon footprint.

Programs and Internships

The company, collaborators and visitors seek to provide a rational and sustainable use of the natural resources, helping in the widespread of the environmental impacts and the corresponding actions that we can practice mitigating them and reducing the environmental footprint.

1. Elaboration of solid and liquid body and hand soaps, antibacterial gel. In these workshops, you will learn how to take advantage of the residues that are generated in the manufacture of hands and body soaps, shampoo and fabric detergent.

2. Elaboration of solid and liquid fertilizers (compost and bioles).

3. Classes of fresh cheese and yogurt.

4. Sustainable tour and artisan cow milking.

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