Costa Rica Ecotourism and Sustainability immersed in the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Aerial view of Rincón de la Vieja near Buena Vista Del Rincon


Buena Vista del Rincón is a Costa Rican family business, located in the foothills of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. Historically, this region was characterized by the presence of agricultural activity and subsistence crops, which generated severe soil degradation, deforestation, and damaged both surface and subterranean water sources.  At the time, there was no environmental awareness. Forests were cut down and converted into pastures for cattle and burning was an acceptable practice for land preparation and maintenance. These activities ceased to be profitable due to various factors, forcing this hacienda and many others in the region to change their agricultural and cattle ranching ethos and dedicate themselves to tourism. 
Since 1991, this mountain eco-hotel has been making sustainable use of the natural and cultural heritage through its adventure park, wellness center, cultural center, and integrated farm. It exists with the purpose of sharing wellness with humanity in a little piece of paradise; through a unique experience of connection with nature, where visitors can connect with your essence, live the culture of a country that loves ecotourism, and enjoy and relax in total harmony with mother earth. 

We believe in redefining the integral experience of sustainable ecotourism and regenerative development. Here tourists find outdoor adventure in the middle of the forest (canopy, tarzan swing, water slide, horseback riding, waterfalls, trails, hanging bridges), relaxation in hot springs that are born in the heart of the volcano and the rest of the mind lulled by the sounds of the inhabitants of the mountain. Our family of employees, coming from the surrounding communities, represent the satisfaction of serving and sharing our culture with the world. We are a company proud of its roots and the way we were taught to love the land and care for life in this country. Therefore, we share culinary and handcrafted treasures through cultural tours (Chorotega Guaitil handicrafts, coffee, bonfires, cooking classes, trapiche), the biggest and most contagious smiles, as well as the immense pleasure of serving our visitors. 

Through our Environmental Policy we are committed to the environment and the continuous improvement of its sustainable management, making efficient use of resources to reduce our carbon footprint. Our integrated farm moves away from traditional intensive production systems, giving the animals the space and attention they deserve in exchange for the products they give us on a daily basis. We move away from linear waste management (use and throw away). The circular economy is the production and consumption model. We work to repair, reuse, renew, and recycle existing materials and products as many times as possible to extend their life cycle and create added value. Thus, when a product reaches the end of its life, we seek to keep the materials within the economy as long as possible, following the principles of circular economy, where each product and by-product is used in different areas, so that the exploitation and use of waste occurs at all points by having multiple productive activities, pigs, dairy cattle, laying hens, biogas production and vermicomposting.

The company goes beyond optimal waste management.  It is part of Hotel Kitchen, Pilot Costa Rica, the World Wild Found and the Costa Rican Network for the Reduction of Food Loss and Waste (Save Food Costa Rica). The entire team and partners of the company are involved through different strategies where they seek to prevent, donate and avoid. 

Buena Vista del Rincón seeks to be able to produce as much of the products that are needed on a daily basis in the restaurants and in the employees' restaurant. Through the farm, the dairy, the trapiche, the coffee roaster, and the vegetable garden, we produce fresh food that we serve in our restaurants; vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, milk, sweet tapa, bee honey, gourmet coffee, etc. Once the ingredients are collected through artisanal processes, they are taken to the kitchen to prepare delicious original foods from the area (cheeses, curd, yogurt, cajeta, rosquillas, tortillas, tanelas, bread and much more) following ancestral recipes. We create delicious dishes that proudly show the culinary richness of Guanacaste and the country.
The Buena Vista del Rincón team enjoys sharing their little piece of paradise with all visitors. Pura Vida!

Photo credit: Gabo Araya @kamera_gabocr