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Cycling and Adventure: Train Mountain Bike, walk or walk your pet taking advantage of the scenic beauty of the White City

Rincon Trails, Bike & Adventure. It was born as a new recreational proposal, with a local essence, to enjoy sports in the open air, with family or friends, take pets for a walk, get fresh air and recharge energy, in a safe and natural environment.

Lady cycling on a forest trail near Buena Vista Del Rincon

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Liberia through the years has been characterized by offering MTB lovers the possibility of practicing it in spectacular places due to its geographical settings and its diversity of routes. Today, the growth of citizen insecurity, the high vehicular traffic and the lack of values, are a threat for the healthy practice of mountain biking and other sports, or for a walk with family, friends or pets.

Rincón Trails, emerges as an innovative and accessible option for these increasingly popular practices or recreations, under a natural environment surrounded by flora, fauna, beauty of the landscape with spectacular views; sunrises and sunsets. Different geological manifestations appear in the White City, giving rise to paradisiacal environments for the practice of mountain biking; recreational or competitive, a short distance from downtown Liberia.

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Man cycling at sunset captured near Buena Vista Del Rincon

Cycling & Adventure

Mountain Bike Trails

It is a circular path of 12 km in total, which is made up of 3 sectors, which you can travel together or individually, where an open, natural, safe and private space is offered, and you can have the best experience on your bike.

Suitable for beginners. Anyone can travel the different sections of the trail at their own time, advancing at their level of difficulty, at their own pace, and at the same time develop technique for the skills required by the competitive level.


Enjoy Our Trails

Our Coyote Trail, Ojoche Trail and Sunrise Kingdom trails have distances between 1.5km to 6.5 kilometers where you can use them according to your individual or joint convenience, totaling 12km.

It also has beautiful views where you can see the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, hills such as Góngora, Cañas Dulces and San Roque. You will have passage through the different geological manifestations of the white city; canyons, gravel hills, and forest.


Hours & Directions

Monday-Friday: 5:00am - 4:00pm


From the entrance to Curubande on the interamericana north 5km towards Rincón de la Vieja.

Map of Rincon Trails Bike Adventure at Buena Vista Del Rincon


Day Pass Pass for a day between 5am and 4pm ₡3000
Day Pass + Breakfast of the day at Donde Pipe Breakfast of the day: Gallo pinto, eggs to taste, cheese, ripe, tortilla, coffee or fresh natural of the day ₡5000
Day Pass + Full Breakfast at Donde Pipe Full Breakfast: Order fruits, Gallo pinto, eggs to taste, cheese, sweet plantain, tortilla, coffee and natural soft drink of the day ₡6500
Monthly Pass Visit our trails as many times as you want for a month after making your payment ₡10000