Why are the sunsets in Guanacaste beautiful?

Aerial view of Guanacaste at sunset near Buena Vista Del Rincon


Sunsets are the so-called gifts of nature. They close the day and leave space for the night. They are filled with exotic colors and there will never be one equal to the other. Each one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who enjoy them, and in Guanacaste, they have a special meaning.

The magical moment of sunset always attracts attention and one of its secrets is that admiring them produces a feeling of happiness. This happens because the sunlight at sunset acts on specific areas of our brain responsible for generating positive emotions.

Sunsets in Costa Rica unfold along nearly 650 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline. Of course, being on one of the many beaches you can appreciate first-hand an unforgettable sunset. However, in Guanacaste, the magical colors that decorate the sky can be seen from many other places. So, what is the origin of its beauty?

In the geographical region where Guanacaste is located, there is a large amount of direct sunlight and that causes the sunsets to be splendid. Clean air, without much pollution, helps to create a clear atmosphere where the colors of the sunset stand out (as if without a filter).

Observing a sunset from the beach is beautiful with the reflections in the ocean, however, experiencing its splendor from the height of the mountain is simply impressive. The panoramic landscape, the color gradients, the brightness of the sky, and the contrast with the mountains make it exceptional.

It is not for nothing that the unique experience of sunsets is well-known and desired by tourists, especially in the Guanacaste region.