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An experience full of nature, culture, adventure, wellness and sustainability in one day in the same place.   

For ecotourism lovers, cultural tourism, adventurers or for those who seek wellness and relaxation, learn about sustainability and regenerative tourism. For entire families with members of all ages; seniors, children and inclusive tourism.

Activity at Buena Vista Del Rincon Eco Adventure Hotel And Spa

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With our Eco Adventure Park Premium Day Pass at Buena Vista del Rincón you can enjoy a multi-activity experience full of nature, culture, adventure, wellness and sustainability in just one day all in one place! We are the perfect destination for ecotourism lovers, adventurers, seekers of wellness and relaxation and more… we are accessible to all!


Experience the ultimate in wellness and relaxation.

Rincón de la Vieja National Park is a designated part of the Guanacaste Conservation Area, a UNESCO world heritage site. This unique area is home to four of the five primary tropical ecosystems- the only location of its kind in the Americas. Our property is situated within a primary forest that we proudly preserve in order to protect these unique qualities.


Whether you chose a day of pure relaxation or outright adventure, you'll return to traditional and rustic hacienda-style living. We offer 76 comfortable rooms in 3 different categories to choose from, Cabins, Lago or Hacienda. Our "sabanero style" lodge maintains long-held local traditions, tons of friendly local staff, and no shortage of beautiful vistas that are sure to nurture your body, mind and spirit.