Low angle view of a waterfall near Buena Vista Del Rincon
Outdoor pool area with a forest view at Buena Vista Del Rincon
A Lady ziplining downstream near Buena Vista Del Rincon
2 Girls feeding chickens in a field near Buena Vista Del Rincon

Experience is our Essence

A Moving Experience in the Middle of a Little Piece of Paradise

We save on perfection to give you fullness in the honesty of who we are, so that your essence connects with ours. A place to open your heart and let the soul be free; a space that relaxes your body and lets your mind fly to nourish awareness. An experience in the rainforest is an inward immersion of life; a journey to the core of Mother Earth where your breathing is heard and your heartbeat is felt. We are a little piece of Paradise that holds the secrets of the world´s biodiversity; a sacred place dedicated to love and connection between the essence of nature and the human heart.

Horseback riding in a forest trail near Buena Vista Del Rincon

Here you come to enjoy, give indulgence to your body and nourish your spirit. Adventure here lets you fly through the forest and release adrenaline in pure water slides in the jungle, until you dive into warm and medicinal waters that arise from the volcano. Your body will be relaxed and at night you will sleep floating over the clouds listening to songs of the forest. You will taste the flavors that the land gives us, delights from the garden and farm prepared and served by kind hands of our people that faithful to their origin keep the recipes of our region according to out ancestors´ mandate.

We are a human experience of spiritual essence


We are not part of Nature, we are Nature

A connection that allows you to live, feel and experience emotions in the middle of the tropical rain forest of Guanacaste; a great area of primary forest where we offer you activities you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Lady posing by buttress roots near Buena Vista Del Rincon
Man ziplining downstream near Buena Vista Del Rincon


Adrenaline and emotion will travel your body and make your heart vibrate

Here you can fly over the trees and admire from above the scenic beauty while you slide down the zip line; you will descend an immense water slide at great speed driven by fresh water and you will enjoy horseback rides through magical places that seem out of a magical tale.


Disconnect from noise and chaos to connect your senses with your own essence, natural wisdom and relaxation of body and mind

We offer an integral, multisensory experience. Release the intensity of adrenaline from the adventure in the forest for absolute relaxation in the warm waters of the volcano that caress your skin and let your mind rest.

Lady doing yoga on a hanging bridge near Buena Vista Del Rincon
Close-up of Man making Pottery near Buena Vista Del Rincon


Preserve heritage is to preserve the origin

Here you experience the closeness and simplicity of human warmth, simple beings that show themselves as you are learning about their ancient culture in the middle of nature that here we call home.

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At Buena Vista Del Rincon Eco Adventure Park, Hotel & Spa, experience is our essence!