Close-up of handcrafted ceramics at Buena Vista Del Rincon


Preserve heritage is to preserve the origin

Kind people, respectful of nature and attached to Guanacaste´s ancestral tradition; a town rich in history and cultural legacy expressed in their celebrations and religious syncretism marked by Spanish Catholic influence coexisting with the Chorotega indigenous essence. The footprint of these roots is also expressed in our gastronomy, festivities and our particular way of speaking.  
One of the greatest expressions of our culture in Buena Vista del Rincón is our staff´s vocation of service and the way it makes its best efforts to please our guests.

Here you experience the closeness and simplicity of human warmth, simple beings that show themselves as you are learning about their ancient culture in the middle of nature that here we call HOME.

We show and share our essence which fills us with pride.

We Seek What Has Not Been Lost and is Enhanced Over Time


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Lady working with a Sugar miller near Buena Vista Del Rincon

El Trapiche

Sugar cane is a heritage that leaves us guaro, sweets, music and much more!

Led by MATANGA (a gigantic ox) which turns the mill to make the grinding, you will learn about growing and artisanal process of sugarcane, elaboration of GUARO (national liquor) and much more about heritage and history of our country.  

In the traditional Sugar Mill, you will closely experience our roots, taste delicious freshly squeezed cane juice and “rosquillas” baked in wood.

You will hear interesting and funny stories told by our peasants which will make you fall in love with our culture.

A man posing with a ceramic plate at Buena Vista Del Rincon

Guaitil Workshop

Chorotega Essence in a craft workshop

A craftsman from the village of Guaitil, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste will show you its secrets about the art of Pre-Colombian pottery; original pieces of Chorotega ceramics, unique in Central America with Designation of Origin seal.

Inherited techniques from generation to generation, attached to its origin, using materials extracted from the area and natural tools, to create original designs, shapes and colors of Guatil ceramic pieces.  

The whole Guatil village has been dedicated for more than 5000 years to the art of pottery and its sale; they created an economic system that support the villagers.

They used clay from the area and a Pre-Colombian style. 

Tradition, art and love reflected in creations of pots, jugs, vases and other pieces that sing to beauty, love, the sun and to God.

Woman posing while cooking in kitchen at Buena Vista Del Rincon

La Fonda

Traditional Cuisine from a livestock hacienda

The perfect place to dream and connect with ancestral roots and essences.  

A journey through Guanacaste gastronomy and the Chorotega and Spanish cultural heritage which in combination make their typical dishes delicious and unique.

Typical and mestizo dishes of exquisite taste and predominantly indigenous influence. You will learn how to “nixquezar” (mix corn grains with ashes) and grind the corn, an ancestral technique in processing the grain to make tortillas combining them with “cuajadas” (milk curd), a traditional type of cheese prepared with the milking of the day.      

You will taste the culture, learn about its preparation and preserve in traditional containers of indigenous predominance.

Close-up of Coffea arabica captured near Buena Vista Del Rincon

Guipipia The Gourmet Coffee Logo


Güipipía Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is part of our culture, traditions and national pride. We love good coffee and we have a special one for our visitors. 

Our GÚIPIPIA Gourmet Coffee is exquisite. We are a roaster that ensures the quality of the golden bean that characterizes Costa Rica.   

National experts in roasting, tasting and barismo have trained our staff achieving roasting profiles that result in a gourmet product of very high quality. Our visitors can taste and take home Tarrazú and Valle Occidental specialty coffee as well as Tarrazú specialty coffee from Monteverde.    

We have spaces planted with our golden bean to offer a Coffee Tour in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and in this way, you will know more about our traditional beverage and national pride.

People posing by a cattle pen at Buena Vista Del Rincon

Farm & Garden Logo


Sustainable Farm

A tour of our farm guided by a specialist. You will visit the farm and learn about friendly grazing chickens, crazy goats, gentle pigs and our dear milking cows.

You will walk through the garden and you will be told about sustainable production techniques using compost, artisan dairy farm and the responsible use of solid waste from kitchens. You will learn how we treat wastewater through the biodigester and the production of methane gas that we use to cook and wash laundry.   

You will visit our laboratory of natural cosmetics and personal care products from the use of natural oils and essences; you will live a learning experience of caring for our home: Mother Earth.


If you are looking for this kind of experience, this is the place