We exist with the purpose of sharing wellness with humanity through a unique experience of connection with nature. Here our friends and their clients will be able to connect with their essence, experience the culture of our ecotourism-loving country, and enjoy and relax in total harmony with Mother Earth.

Together let us continue to believe in redefining the comprehensive experience of sustainable ecotourism and regenerative development, always proud of our roots and how we were taught to love the land and care for life. Let's share our culinary treasures, the biggest and most contagious smiles, as well as the great pleasure of serving our friends.

We'll be waiting for you!

Find valuable information here so that we can continue to grow together, always positive!

Sales Manual Buena Vista del Rincon

In our Sales Manual, you will find all the necessary information to get to know the property better: information on rooms, restaurants, experiences, our policies, contact details, etc.


We share the waivers we will be using for your customers. We have incorporated more languages for a better visitor understanding.



Find here current insurance and policies.