Ostional Beach, The Turtle Nursery

More than a beautiful beach, it's a nature sanctuary

Baby turtles in Ostional beach near Buena Vista Del Rincon


Playa Ostional is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, specifically Santa Cruz in the province of Guanacaste. This wonderful place is unique on the planet, known for being the main nesting and reproduction destination for olive ridley turtles worldwide. 

This beautiful beach is witness to a spectacular phenomenon of nature that is known as "ARRIBADAS", translated as arrivals, and refers to thousands of turtles arriving to the beach to lay their eggs. This happens in accordance with the moon in its third quarter crescent and full moon stage especially between the months of July and September. It has been documented that more than 170,000 turtles have arrived at the same time. 

In addition to the massive nesting, the next spectacle is the one that occurs about 50 days later with the birth of the little turtles and their trajectory to enter the sea, hundreds of thousands of baby turtles hatching from their eggs and running towards the ocean, a miracle materialized in the perfect cycle of nature and its infinite beauty.  

In 1984 Ostional became Ostional National Wildlife Refuge (RNVSO) with the objective of protecting the sea turtles and the flora and fauna that call its 360 km area home. Among them are hundreds of species of marine invertebrates, reptiles, birds, mammals and a great amount of wild flora.

To witness this spectacle of nature, check the official site of the refuge and verify the times and ways in which you can visit the beach, likewise the community is organized to receive visitors and take precautions to make this wonderful place safe for you and for the beautiful turtles. Pura Vida!