When the love for life is greater than life and death itself

Cancer Awareness poster used at Buena Vista Del Rincon

Facing death face-to-face is possibly the greatest adversity that a human being can suffer, even more so when they are young. Our children are small and depend on us and we are full of hope to live and see them grow up.

In this context, facing triple negative BREAST CANCER, after being subjected to aggressive treatments and coming out of it with more strength, more energy, and more will to live is an example of RESILIENCE, love for life, children, and a solid and meaningful purpose.

This is the case of our dear friend Monica, Buena Vista del Rincon's marketing director, who 2 years ago was faced with the fatal diagnosis of suffering from triple negative breast cancer, which is also hereditary, making it one of the strongest and most aggressive cancers in existence.

Monica had to undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a complete breast removal surgery, medications and countless medical procedures, however, in her own words, what was able to help her overcome this terrible disease was her will to live, her love for her children, and the strength with which she had been raised. In short, she used her POSITIVE ATTITUDE to overcome illness and death and today she celebrates with her family, friends and colleagues.

Those who know Monica recognize in her an example of positivism, a mother motivated to give the best of herself to her children and a working woman full of contagious energy and an exceptional ATTITUDE in the face of the challenges that life poses.  

Our colleague Moni, is a role model who learned from her challenging experience and uses that learning to inspire and help those who are going through similar situations.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and continues to be the leading cause of death for women worldwide.  

Through Monica we know and want to generate a call for awareness and encourage regular checkups to help early detection, the WHO established October as breast cancer awareness month, popularly installed as the "pink month".