Health Policies

Relax and Feel Protected

We offer a reborn tourism product where our guests´ wellness is key. We are an oasis where you can relax and feel protected. Reborn tourism, we are waiting for you! 

Buena Vista del Rincón offers a renewed tourism product adapted to the new global reality of Covid-19 based on ensuring health and safety of staff and guests. To this end, work has been done to establish procedures intended to reinforce cleaning, disinfection and hygiene measures to contain the spread of the virus and keep us covid-free. We have incorporated added value to our tourism product to increase wellness while safe guarding health and safety. We seek to add greater value to the experience, our team is ready! 

-Temperature will be taken at the front desk to guests spending the day, tourists, guides, and drivers. 
-Hand washing is necessary to begin with scheduled activities. 
-Only the tour guide or family member will access the front desk for final instructions.  
-Constantly wash your hands with soap and water. You will find washing stations and hand washing protocol throughout the park. 
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 
-Implement sneezing and cough protocol. You can guide yourself with printed 
instructions located in different points. 
-Avoid sharing beverages, cigarettes and water bottles. 
-Avoid touching surfaces. 
-Keep a distance of 1.8mts from other guests or human resources.  
-During provision of services in public areas (restaurants), closed spaces or transport, the use of a mask will be mandatory. 
-Xenophobic or discriminatory attitudes are not allowed with people that present o have presented symptoms of “flu” or “cold” or that have been diagnosed with Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

-All services shall be reserved. If it has been impossible to reserve in advance, please call us to coordinate details of the operational logistics of that day and avoid unexpected events upon arrival. 
-Time and space are assets that have to be enhanced. It is necessary to comply with schedules detailed in the logistics of the day. 
-Company´s staff (guides and drivers) will be assigned private spaces to wait and have lunch where applicable. It will not be allowed to enter adventure, culture or wellness facilities outside your bubble. 
-Please promote payment with credit card in all internal points of sale. 


  1. Hygiene and disinfection with authorized products. 
  2. Increase in the frequency of cleaning processes. 
  3. Guarantee to provide the protection consumables recommended by the Health authorities.  
  4. Redistribution of the adventure eco-park areas adapted to new parameters. 
  5. Implementation of scheduled-based logistics in all park activities.  
  6. Implementation of technological solution that reduce guest/employee physical interaction. 
  7. Staff training led by the Management Crisis Team. 
  8. New signage and conditions of common spaces. 
  9. Communication plan for the new operation. 
  10. Strengthtened paramedical services for a better attention in relation to Covid-19. 


  • Use of mask is mandatory. 
  • Don’t go out if you are sick or have any symptom of “flu” or “cold”, temperature, etc. 
  • Please inform yourself from official resources and do not spread false information. 
  • Eat well and do not smoke.  
  • Do not spit on the ground. 
  • Implement the sneezing and coughing protocol. 



  • After touching the cell phone, keys, money, etc. 
  • Using the toilet. 
  • Touching surfaces: rails, door knobs, etc. 
  • Before entering a restaurant and after undertaking any activity at the adventure park. 
  • After coughing and sneezing. 


  • Touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Share beverages, cigarettes and water bottles. 
  • Close contact with sick people. 


  • Use the covered trash bins to dispose tissues,gloves and masks. 
  • Xenophobic or discriminatory attitudes are not allowed with people that have presented symptoms of “flu” or “cold” or that have diagnosed with Covid-19.