Rincón de la Vieja Story

To begin to delve into the secrets of the volcano, we must first take a look at the great characteristics that make it stand out within the Guanacaste mountain range. An altitude of 1,806 meters, with a lagoon and 9 craters (only one active), hides stories and traditions of aborigines who inhabited the area and murmured about the evil witch, with eyes of fire and teeth of a jaguar who lived terrorizing the peoples of the Greater Nicoya.

One of the stories refers to this woman as being so evil towards the townspeople, that the gods captured her, tied her up, and put her in the crater of the volcano. There, she was imprisoned but her energy is sometimes felt in her screams that are manifested when the earth trembles and the thermal waters increase the steam of her.

However, the story of impossible love is also known by the residents of Curubandé, the Liberian population closest to the volcano, who tell of a brave heroine named Curubanda. A beautiful woman who fell in love with Mixoac, head of an enemy tribe, for which her father threw him into the crater to end her love story.

Curubanda, upon discovering the death of her loved one, went to live on the other side of the volcano and when she gave birth to her son, a product of her impossible love, she threw him into the volcano so that he could be with her. her father.

Far from her home, she lived inside the forest in a cave, among the wild animals. She was transformed into a shaman who healed with flowers, herbs, and medicinal plants to anyone who needed it. Since then, people pointed to the address of the princess transformed into a shaman: "there, by the corner of the old Indian healer."

Still, that healer was a princess who decided to live as a hermit in the beauty of the volcano's slopes, remembering that love affair.