Costa Rica Cultural Activities & Tours


The Best Cultural Activities & Tours in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Gourmet CoffeeLa Fonda (Traditional Cuisine)Guaitil CraftsDairy Farm (Milking Parlor)Cheese Making

Güipipia Gourmet Coffee Shop

An exciting and entertaining interactive learning about coffee. Watching and listening to a coffee expert who will talk about traditional coffee growing, from sowing to harvest, collection, drying and roasting of the grain until reaching the final quality, using ancestral procedures and knowing step by step how the "Golden Grain", as coffee is known in Costa Rica, is produced. Costa Rica’s coffee is recognized worldwide for its high quality.

Be part and live the history and tradition of coffee from Costa Rica. Taste the best gourmet coffee in the country, high quality and exquisite taste, freshly roasted and poured over. The tasting of cream and coffee liqueur are also part of this experience.

La Fonda (Traditional Cuisine)

"Kitchen of the Haciendas"

A live representation of the important cultural gastronomic heritage of Guanacaste that still preserves its roots and customs; cooking with wood in clay stoves and ovens, additionally using tools that are present since Precolombian times. Learn how to make tortillas with the ancestral technique of processing the dry grain of corn with lime and ash (“nixtamalization” of corn), shaped by hand and cooked in the clay pot directly in the clay stove, make “rosquillas”, turnovers or “tamal asado”. Or you can taste typical dishes accompanied by freshly brewed coffee or “agua dulce” from the farm’s sugar cane mill.

Guaitil Crafts

"Chorotega Culture"

Craftsmen from the Guatil town share their ancestral techniques on Precolombian style pottery to produce ceramics that represent the Chorotega Indian culture in Costa Rica, which lives in Guanacaste. This town is dedicated to the commerce of ceramics, using clay from the zone and the craft’s secrets that have been transmitted from generation to generation, filled with tradition and art, reflected in clay pots, mugs, vases and other figures.

Dairy Farm (Milking Parlor)

"Artisan Milking"

Accompany our farm’s “sabaneros” and be part of the artisan milking of the cows that supply the milk for the coffee, “cuajadas”, cheeses, yogurt, soft taffy (cajetas), sour cream, among other products of the hotel’s consumption.

Cheese Making

"Gastronomic Heritage"

The haciendas incorporated raising beef and dairy cattle, new products that were not present in the dishes of the inhabitants before the Spaniards arrived. The “cuajada”cheese stands out; its form is like a gem and has a granular consistency. This white cheese is prepared with whole fresh milk in an artisan manner and eaten with corn tortillas.

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