Disconnect From Noise and Chaos to Connect Your Senses With Your Own Essence, Natural Wisdom and Relaxation of Body and Mind

In order for the world to continue running, human beings need to be more in contact with nature, learn from it, feel the freedom of a life without barriers and enjoy the wonderful gift of Mother Earth; let it all flow and let the magic happen within us.

Wellness begins when we are able to connect with the meaning of life, a deep connection with nature allows us to discover and understand our own essence. Go back to basics, live the experience of nature and reconnect with ourselves and thus start the journey of wellness.


Hot spring pool with lounge area at Buena Vista Del Rincon

We offer an integral, multisensory experience. Release the intensity of adrenaline from the adventure in the forest for absolute relaxation in the warm waters of the volcano that caress your skin and let your mind rest. You will receive nourishment from the land carefully grown, and from its fruit, delicious recipes from our cultural roots prepared from loving hands.  

You will receive an indulgent treatment to relax your body, nurture the spirit, and free the soul that will remain in connection with this forest forever and ever.

River meandering through a stream near Buena Vista Del Rincon

We are the gift of wellness in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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Pacayas Hot Springs

Feel you are floating in the clouds

Our SPA is a space in the heart of the primary rainforest; equipped by nature to relax your body, mind, and spirit. It all starts with a wonderful natural sauna, then a volcanic mud bath loaded with minerals for your skin and body.

Warm and enriched water flows from mountains, springs, and rivers naturally mixed with volcanic veins, creating 5 hot spring pools of varying temperatures. Accompanied by the sounds of the river, the breeze, and the forest’s inhabitants, it becomes an experience of unique relaxation, where your body and mind rest and your spirit is nourished.

A relaxation experience without artificial ingredients, an exclusive feeling of the jungle hot springs in Costa Rica.

Lady in a bikini enjoying hot spring at Buena Vista Del Rincon
A girl petting a calf on the ground near Buena Vista Del Rincon

From the garden to the table with love

Sustainable gastronomy

We are what we eat, and this is a place to pamper us with delicious, nutritious foods full of love and health for the body.

We seek self-sufficiency in food terms and what we serve in our restaurants comes from our garden and farm. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are fresh with no harmful chemicals. Eggs, milk, and much more come from grazing, healthy and happy animals.

Once food is collected through artisanal processes it is taken to the kitchen to prepare delightful original meals from the area, following ancestral recipes. We create mouth-watering dishes that show with pride our rich cuisine.

An experience of love, pleasure and culture in each dish.

Human Experience of spiritual essence heals and consciousness expands

Mystical wellness

Once in connection with nature we are not the same, something has changed inside of us.

This is an ideal space to practice meditation in the middle of nature, in harmony with the forest and sounds from Mother Earth´s heart.

Through a forest-therapy walk you will feel a deep connection with your essence in a morning or evening meditation your respiration will find the perfect balance to heal your body and clean your spirit. 

Hikes, horseback riding or simply remain seated in front of a beautiful sunset will be amazing tools of deep connection with the forest´s authenticity and one´s own essence.   

Once you make contact with nature, this forest will accompany you all your life and your soul will remain here flowing with the breeze among large lush trees.

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If you want to experience our natural hot spring pools and the volcanic mud bath you have two options: The first option allows you to access Buena Vista del Rincon hot springs for free. All clients staying at our hotel have complementary (free) access to the thermal waters and mud bath as part of their stay. If you are not staying with us, you can book any of our day tours that includes access to our hot springs and mud bath. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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