Man ziplining downstream near Buena Vista Del Rincon


Adrenaline and emotion will travel your body and make your heart vibrate

Here you can fly over the trees and admire from above the scenic beauty while you slide down the zip line; you will descend an immense water slide at great speed driven by fresh water and you will enjoy horseback rides through magical places that seem out of a magical tale.    

You will fly, scream and you will be filled with joy and excitement at the attractions of our adventure park within the tropical forest and biological reserve. 

An experience of adrenaline, majesty and fun without limits.


Couple ziplining through the forest near Buena Vista Del Rincon

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Las Pavas Canopy & Tarzan Swing

Imagine flying over the trees and touring the vast landscape from the air on an extraordinary Canopy. 7 cables crossing the dense forest offer views of the Rincon de La Vieja volcano, dramatic canyons, immense trees, the open pampas grasslands, and the Guanacaste coast surrounded by mountains. The most adventurous can dare to ride the extreme segments on 7 additional lines with distances from 125 to 425 meters long and heights ranging from 50 to 150 meters. On the TARZAN SWING you can feel like the king of the jungle when you jump in free fall from a 50 meter high platform in one of the most extreme adventure experiences in the forest.

Weight Limit: 200lbs. (91kg)

Lady enjoying Natural water slide near Buena Vista Del Rincon

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You will fee the excitement in your body - La Selva Water Slide

Sliding down as fast as the river in a 425 meters long water slide in the forest, without limits, full of emotions, feeling the exciting speed.  This ride is amazing and full of excitement in the middle of the tropical jungle; performed under strict safety standards and necessary equipment.

The longest jungle water slide in Costa Rica. 

Age-limit: 6 years old

Herd of horses on a field captured near Buena Vista Del Rincon

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You will discover new worlds - Horseback riding

Forests, rivers, waterfalls and majestic views are waiting in our horseback rides in Guanacaste, as well as its exciting tours through the forest.  
An adventure of discovery and awakening consciousness through senses, accompanied by guides on gentle horses that know the way of this blessed land of Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 

Nature is at your fingertips, rides from 3km to 20km. You can discover riding in your vacations in Costa Rica, spectacular waterfalls in Guanacaste, a sulfur mine, bath in river pools and observe a large amount of flora and fauna in the forest which houses the biodiversity that Costa Rica is proud of. 

Weight Limit: 200lbs. (91kg)

Book Horseback riding towards the Rincón de la Vieja natural hot springs

Book Horseback riding towards the 3 waterfalls

Man cycling on a field at sunset near Buena Vista Del Rincon

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Rincón Trails Biking & Adventure

This is a wonderful natural environment for outdoor tours while you recreate or train, enjoying the landscape of the warm Ciudad Blanca.

Cañones de Cascajo, Rincón de la Vieja, Cañas Dulces, Góngora and San Roque Hills, are part of a warm setting where you can enjoy with family and friends, take your pets for a walk, breath fresh air and recharge energies in a safe and natural environment.   

You can enjoy our trails for mountain bike as well as for hiking and joging.


If you are looking for this kind of experience, this is the place