An Unforgettable Day
in the Forest of Costa Rica

Start the First Day of the Rest of Your Lives
Surrounded by the Nature

Wedding ceremony with a view at Buena Vista Del Rincon

Let the beauty of Costa Rica offer an exhilarating backdrop for your dream wedding. Our staff will oversee every detail to ensure an unforgettable celebration.

Romantic Forest Wedding

Exchange vows beside the thermal waters and rivers in the heart of the forest, illuminated by torches and tropical decorations.

Night of a Tropical Wedding

Celebrate at El Mirador Restaurant, while the sunset paints the sky and the vast Guanacaste prairie and the birds fill the mountain with melodies announcing a new sunset.

A Costa Rican Cultural Wedding

At Fiesta Brava Event & Venue Center, the sounds of the marimba, "cimarrona", dances, masquerades and many more surprises await. A spectacular place for enjoying the best sunsets and views, you will celebrate a memorable wedding full of colors, sounds and flavors!

Start Planning Your Wedding

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