The Best Guanacaste Zip Line Canopy Tour


The Best Zip Line Canopy Tours in Rincon de La Vieja, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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The feeling of whizzing past treetops is exhilarating and refreshing to experience. Not many people get to enjoy the rush of speeding past treetops while viewing the tropical forest from an elevated breathtaking view. Costa Rica's beauty at your feet, spread out for you to take in, is one of those one in a lifetime experiences that we wish to give you with our very own Guanacaste zip line tours.

Buena Vista literally means a great view, and that’s exactly what we promise and deliver on. To have this experience, you can purchase any of the ziplining tour packages, and take advantage of a once in a lifetime midair suspended feeling. You will have the pleasure of experiencing our 11 platforms and 10 cables canopy, as well as our Extreme Canopy Tour which you can read all about below. You can also try the Eco Adventure Park Premium Day Pass (Multi-Activity All-Day Experience) which offers more than one activity, including the Zip Line Tour. So, answer the call to adventure with one of our excursions.

At Buena Vista, it is our mission to provide you with an experience which is second to none. We are committed to applying innovative policies that ensure proactive and innovative management while supporting sustainable development with the co-operation of the broader community.

Buena Vista's Zip Line Canopy Tours Overview

Buena Vista Extreme Zip Line, Tarzan Swing Canopy Tours in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Our ziplining tours in the tropical forest of the Rincon de La Vieja, Guanacaste, Costa Rica are as exciting as they are 100% safe, sporting a secure brake system for your safety. You can therefore rest assured that while you are enjoying the adventure, taking in the fauna and flora, you are perfectly safe and secured.

The ecosystem at Buena Vista has a wide range of animals, including birds such as rainbow toucans, hummingbirds and Toledo birds, as well as a wide variety of monkeys, insects, and iguanas. You will also get to see more exotic indigenous life such as the tapir, the jaguar and the kinkajou.

Our adventure packages include a canopy tour that not only boasts an unforgettable hour-long excursion through the treetops but also comes with a bilingual guide and necessary equipment. You can enjoy the experience while learning about the ecosystem and the wild life. Our adventure tours include horse riding excursions and waterslides. Once you are done enjoying the pleasures of our canopy tours, you can bask in and enjoy yourself in our thermal pools.

Guanacaste Zip Line Canopy Tour
Canopy Tour in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Zip-Line Canopy Tour Options

We offer 3 different canopy tour options for you to enjoy. Check them out!

Las Pavas Zip Line Canopy Tour

11 Platforms, 10 Cables Canopy Tour

Our ziplining tours are one of our most popular attractions. We offer 11 platforms and 10 cables canopy tours. This way you can enjoy different scenic points to take memorable photographs, which are all strategically placed to give you the best views. Our canopy tours have an approximate height range of between 50 and 150 meters, and therefore you can go as high or as low as you would like. The lengths of the cables suspended between the 11 platforms also vary. The distances range from 90 to 425 meters.

If you are looking for that perfect spot to take that life-affirming photograph, we have different strategic points arranged so you can take in the Papagayo Gulf, San Roque, Gongora and Canas Dulce hills. This is a ziplining tour done right. You can even see and take a photograph of the Rincon de la Vieja. During the rainy season, El Canon Waterfall showcases its majesty and beauty. Finally, if you have not yet had your fill of adventure, the adventure can continue with the Tarzan Swing, an adrenaline pumping free fall suspended at a height of approximately 50 meters.

Extreme Zip Line & Tarzan Swing

Extreme Zip Line & Tarzan Swing

You may want something a little more. The extreme canopy tour is exactly that. This canopy tour begins with a walk through the primary forest for about 1500 feet before you get to the first platform. Once there you will start your adventure. There are 12 platforms with 7 cables. The cables are 300 to 1155 feet long. They are suspended about 120 to 300 feet above the ground. These cables culminate in the Tarzan Swing, with a free-fall at a height of 150 meters. Get ready for an extreme adrenaline rush as you swing through the air like the king of the jungle.

You can bring along your GoPro and make lasting memories with our excursions. If you don’t want to be bogged down by camera equipment, we have a staff of expert photographers accompanying you. That way you can focus on the adventure and know that it is all documented for you. Awe your friends and family as they follow you through this adrenaline-fueled canopy tour.

Eco Adventure Park Premium Day Pass in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Eco Adventure Park Premium Day Pass

"Multi-Activity All-Day Experience"

Are you looking for a whole day filled with adventure? Then the Multi-Activity All-Day experience is exactly what you need. This combo package lets you take advantage of everything the Buena Vista has to offer. First, we’ll set you off on a canopy tour on our zip-line. The canopy tour like the others above will let you see and experience the beauty and majesty of the jungle with all its accompanying fauna and flora.

Next, you will get to visit the Hanging Bridge. This landmark is excellent for nature lovers. You will be able to see Costa Rica's rainforest in all its glory as you walk through the trees. This unique experience will be followed by the water slide, where you can cool down after all that adrenaline. The Buena Vista water slide meanders through 420 meters of the jungle. This is quite simply the coolest way for you and your family to go through the jungle.

From the water slide, you will have a horse riding adventure for 45 minutes taking in the forest and its surroundings. The horses will take you to 5 rustic thermal pools to enjoy. They are all at different temperatures, and there will be one that suits you perfectly. With Costa Rica still being geologically active you can play with volcanic mud and take advantage of its properties. Not to mention the Rincon de la Vieja national park’s waterfalls. Afterwards you can enjoy a traditional Costa Rican lunch for a day well spent.

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