A swarm of bees constructing a hive at Buena Vista Del Rincon

Hotels for Bees

Wooden box filled insect holes at Buena Vista Del Rincon

Without bees there is no life, no forest, and much less our little piece of paradise. That is why we dedicate ourselves in a special way to take care, help, and seek to expand bees in our environment. Bees play the role of pollinating and their work is irreplaceable. Without pollinators a third of our basic food would disappear and also much of the fodder that feeds the animals we eat would not exist.

Buena Vista del Rincón raises awareness promoting the conservation of bees through housing, education, and the production of bee products. These spaces for bees are in operation on the farm. The first one houses Melipona bees taken from the area itself; a species that has no sting and produces a honey loaded with benefits for human health. The second group of hotels houses common bees which are the basis for pollination of our flora species in the primary rainforest and El Zanio Nature Reserve.

The Bees


Our Commitment is to Take Care of Our Planet and Its Inhabitants