Cattle in Dairy Farm near Buena Vista Del Rincon

Self-sufficiency and Clean, Fresh, Healthy Food

From Nature to Table

We take what comes from nature in a respectful and responsible way. We transform it from the heart honoring our culinary traditions and we bring it to the table for those who visit us providing a delicious experience full of flavor, health, and wellness.

Lady working with a Sugar miller near Buena Vista Del Rincon

The cuisine is a mirror of our essence that is based on the values that represent us; honoring our culinary identity, practicing sustainable cultivation, and providing fresh, healthy and delicious food every day to the people we serve in our restaurants. Holding the banner of sustainability and health in one hand and providing delicious dishes and incredible experiences in the other, we decided to produce most of the food consumed at the Hotel ourselves.

Through the farm, the dairy, the mill, the coffee roaster, and the vegetable garden we produce fresh food that we serve in our restaurants; vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, milk, sweet tapa, honey, and gourmet coffee, among others. Once the ingredients have been collected through artisanal processes, they are taken to the kitchen to prepare original foods from the area, following ancestral recipes (cheese, curd, yogurt, cajeta, rosquillas, tortillas, tanelas, bread, and much more).

Close-up of man cleaning the farm near Buena Vista Del Rincon
Steaks, salads & bread served at Buena Vista Del Rincon

We create delicious dishes that proudly show the gastronomic richness of Guanacaste and the country.


Our Commitment is to Take Care of Our Planet and Its Inhabitants

Healthy, Sustainable Food